Workshops 2015

The Intersection of Identity and Privilege Alison Heming

The mainstream LGBTQ+ movement has an identity crisis. This workshop will help attendees examine their various identities and how these identities may overlap in various ways. We will discuss and explore individual challenges of people of similar identities that stem from intersectionality. We will consider why these challenges occur and deconstruct the potential privilege identities may or may not hold. We will then discuss some action items that we can do to help advance and support the various challenges of participants.

Unapologetically Bisexual: Loving Yourself In a Biphobic World Robin Lovett

In this workshop, biphobia will be placed under a critical lens: what does it look like, and how does it affect people? What does stress from biphobia feel like as it’s going on? After exploring these questions, we’ll learn some techniques to deal with stress as it is going on. Even though we’ll be focusing on bisexuality, everyone has something to learn from this workshop!

First Comes Love, Then Comes… Whatever: Skills for Building and Sustaining Happy Romantic Relationships Alexander Khaddouma & Shane Bierma

This applied workshop will focus on applying the most current research on same-sex and different-sex relationship health to you and your relationship(s). Major topic areas will include sex, communication, expectations, and developing your relational identity, with an overarching focus on promoting healthy, happy relationships between you and your intimate partner(s). Specific skills for building and maintaining satisfied romantic and sexual relationships with same-sex or different-sex partners will be incorporated into each topic area through in-session activities.

On Another Planet: Comparing LGBTQ+ Services at UT with the Greater Knoxville Community Shane Bierma & Leticia Flores

UT has the PRIDE center, Sex Week and related centers of inclusivity on campus. Issues regarding sexual orientation, gender identity and intersectionality are discussed, celebrated, and incorporated into university life in such a way to make many LGBTQ+ individuals feel welcome, included and valued. This makes it easier for students to obtain LGBTQ+ friendly mental health and related services. Unfortunately, this is not the case for surrounding areas including the city of Knoxville and its more rural neighbors. We will compare the available resources at UT and the surrounding community, and discuss ways that we might address this service gap.

Does the Bible Really Say Anything About Homosexuality? Scot Gillenwaters

Many LGBTQ’s have been run out of the church or simply don’t feel welcome there because of what many believe the Bible says about them. This workshop will take a realistic look at a few passages of scripture and run them through the filter Scripture, Experience, Reason and Tradition. This is not a dissertation from a Biblical scholar, but rather one layman’s view of the overall message of the Bible.

Out In the Workplace: Career Panel Brittany Smith, Erin Bennett, BrittanyWright & Alissa Reeves

This panel will feature professionals in a variety of career fields who will speak on their experience navigating the workplace in regards to their sexual orientation. Ask questions, get resources, and learn more about common issues that arise while interacting with professionals in fields such as healthcare, engineering, communications, and law who identify with the LGB+ community.

Systemic Barriers to Equality for Same Sex Individuals and the Role of Allies in Breaking Down Barriers Jennifer Moralejo & Sherrie Bruner

This session will describe systemic issues that limit the rights and equality of individuals in same sex relationships. The recent decision by the Supreme Court in Obergefell vs Hodges took steps to provide equal rights to same sex couples through providing that these individuals should be allowed to legally marry in all states. The presenters will discuss the implications of this ruling for same sex individuals while also identifying areas where individuals in same sex relationships continue to experience discrimination.

LGBT Equality in the Workplace David Payne

The data presented represents the fifty largest employers in each of Tennessee’s four largest cities — Knoxville, Nashville, Chattanooga, and Memphis — who do or do not have “sexual orientation” and/or “gender identity” or “gender expression” written into their hiring and non-discrimination policies. The project began as a survey of protections in metropolitan Knoxville but then expanded to include companies in cities across the state. Currently, David and his student interns are working to complete a detailed survey of each of these companies to paint a fuller picture of LGBT equality in the Tennessee workplace by charting the level of commitment at each employer.

Transgender Individuals and Their Families: The Experience of Ambiguous Grief  Jennifer Moralejo & Evan Burns

Research has found that some family members may experience an individual transitioning as a living death. This presentation will be look at ambiguous grief and how families respond to other family members who are currently transitioning. The presenters will explore the relationship of how vulnerability from the family and the individual who is transitioning impacts the entire family system. Presenters will also discuss mental health implications and processes that can be done in order to help families work through the transition as well as helping the individual understand the experiences that the family is having.


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