Keynote Speakers

Cameron Mack

cameronmackCameron Mack has been living with bipolar disorder since his first major depression at age 14, which resulted in a suicide attempt. Since that time, Cameron has actively pursued recovery through a multi-faceted treatment approach that has inspired him to teach others that there is hope and through telling our stories we can find connection and healing. A magnetic and inspiring speaker, Cameron empowers audiences to seek help if they need it and create supportive communities so that no one has to struggle alone.

Cameron is currently pursuing a liberal arts degree at the University of Vermont. He also works at the Wellness Co-op, a peer-run drop-in center that focuses on community building and supporting mental health challenges where he runs a weekly writing circle. He also volunteers at Planned Parenthood and is continuously learning to play guitar.


Sonya Renee

soyna.reneeAward winning Poet, Activist and Transformational Leader Sonya Renee believes in the life shifting power of art. Sonya is Founder of the intersectional international movement, The Body is Not An Apology, a global coalition focused on radical self love and body empowerment. Believing that art is a vehicle for social change.

Sonya Renee is easily one of the most distinguished, accomplished and recognizable females in the world of Performance Poetry and rightly so. After a meteoric rise to
poetry superstardom in 2004, Sonya has redefined the role and impact of
women in poetry slam since her whirlwind arrival on the scene, consistently ranking at the top of every major national and international poetry slam she has competed in.
Sonya’s success can be attributed to her commitment to writing poetry that stays true to her roots as a humanitarian and social justice activist.