For convenience and our attempt to be green, here is a digital copy of our OUTstanding 2014 program.

Saturday, November 8

9-9:30           Check-in & Breakfast

9:40-9:50     Welcome

9:50-10:50   Cameron Mack

11-11:45      Session 1 Workshops:

¨ Of Sound Mind-Body-Soul?: The Lived Experience of Oppression

by James Arnett and Jonny Bourn  in Room 221

¨ Minority Stressed Out: Minority Stress and Minority Resilience

by Juliet Meggs in Room 227

¨ What We Can Teach our Teachers

by Oak Ridge High School Gay Straight Alliance in Shiloh Room

¨ Recognizing and Treating Depression in the LGBTQ Community

by Michael Yates in Room 223/224

Noon-12:45 Session 2 Workshops:

¨ Beyond “Born in the Wrong Body”

by Lee Owen  in Room 223/224

¨ Sexual Violence in the LGBTQ Community [Panel]

by the Sexual Assault Center of East Tennessee in Shiloh Room

¨ Bi, bi, bi: Bisexual Mental and Physical Health

by Kayla Frye in Room 221

1:00-2:00   Lunch in Ballroom

2:15-3:00   Session 3 Workshops:

¨ Skills for Building and Sustaining Healthy Romantic Relationships: Applying What                           We Know to Who You Are by Alexander Khaddouma in Shiloh Room

¨ OUTSpoken: A Creative Writing Workshop about the Southern LGBTQ+                                              Experience by Erin Smith, T.A. Noonan, and Adam Crandall in Room 221

¨ Christianity and Sexuality

by Reverend Kally Elliott and Reverend Heather Godsey in Room 223/224

3:10-4:15 Sonya Renee

4:15-4:30 Questions and Closing