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   Open Call for Proposals!  Deadline is August 28, 2012.  Submit to

We are looking forward to returning and brand new ideas for proposals this year! We are open to a plethora of creative, inventive, and thought-provoking proposals from diverse individuals, organizations and groups on current LGBTIQ Issues.  Please read all guidelines and information below.  To submit a proposal, please click the “Submit a Proposal” button. If you are unable to fill out the PDF Form, find the WORD document on the “Documents” page.


Submit proposals by August 28th, 2012 via one WORD document to

Please provide the following information.
1. The name and contact information (including institutional affiliation, email address, website and especially telephone number) of the lead presenter and any co-presenter(s), if applicable.  You are welcome to also attach any photos, logos, or images for your presentation or group.
2. Title of the presentation and type of session (presentation, workshop, scholar forum, or performance.
3. A short biography of presenter(s), no more than 100 words in length, which will be included in the conference program.

4. A 100 word abstract, which will be provided on the website and in the seminar program, that should consist of the following information.  Convey how great your session will be for attendees!
– Title of the presentation and content in to theme.
– Type of session the proposal is for (Presentation or Panel, Workshop, Scholar Forum, Performance).
– Objectives of proposal.
– Presenter names, titles, or organization affiliation and any contact or website information you wish to share with the public.

5. A brief summary of your official proposal, no more than one page.

OUTstanding is a free, one day seminar open to the public but with a focus on university students and Knoxville community ranging from newcomers to LGBTIQ issues to advanced understandings of LGBTIQ issues.

Types of Session Proposals
There are four types of conference sessions to choose from: Presentation (or Panel), Workshop, Scholar Forum, and Performance.  The sessions can be geared toward any organizing level such as introductory, intermediate or advanced.

“Presentation” or “Panel”
A “Presentation” allows you to describe and share a topic or your work.  Presentations should be 40 minutes each, leaving time for discussion. Presentations can also be 15 minutes each and may be grouped and time limited by the conference organizers with other related presentations onto a Panel that will total 50 minutes in duration. Multiple presenters that wish to combine two or three presentations onto one panel with a unifying theme are encouraged to submit as one “Panel” proposal.

A “Workshop” provides an opportunity for you lead and engage participants in active, collaborative, and/or experiential learning, and is 50 minutes total in duration.

“Scholar Forum”
A “Scholar Forum” provides an informal forum for you to discuss and receive feedback on a work-in-progress, such as a thesis, program design, or research project. You will present for 10-15 minutes, followed by a discussion with audience members.  New presenters, undergraduate, and graduate students are especially encouraged to propose this type of session.

A “Performance” allows you to perform an artistic piece with a direct relationship to the seminar theme.  Any length of time for a performance is alright, up to 45 minutes total.  Examples can be poetry, spoken word, music, theater, drag, and other kinds of performances.

Submission of Proposals
For now, proposals can be submitted via email as a single WORD document to with the subject line of the email “OUTstanding Proposal- Your Name and/or Your Organization.”  Please click the “Submit a Proposal” button at the top or visit the “Documents” tab for more information.

Deadline for Submissions
The deadline for all submissions isAugust 28th, 2012. We will immediately reply to submissions with a confirmation and any additional questions.  We will be contacting submitters no later than September 10th with acceptances.

Evaluation of Proposals
The Proposal Review Committee is charged with selecting a balance regarding topics, formats, and audiences. Proposals will be reviewed by at least three readers.


Policies Related to Presenters
The program policies listed below apply to all organizers, authors, panelists, moderators and other session participants.

Who Can Submit a Proposal?
OUTstanding organizers encourage all individuals or groups interested in presenting to submit a proposal.  We look forward to a wide variety of proposals from a diverse group of individuals.

Diversity of Presenters
OUTstanding organizers encourage presentations by and about diverse ethnic, cultural, racial, gender, language, religious, socioeconomic, sexual orientation, disability, and geographic groups.

Seminar presenters are volunteers, are not compensated for their presentations, and are responsible for their own travel and lodging. To be listed in the program booklet, presenters (including co-presenters, moderators, respondents, etc.) must submit their proposal for the seminar by August 28th, 2012.

Audiovisual Equipment
Presenters are encouraged to creatively use transparencies, slides, PowerPoint, video, handouts, and other visual aids but presenters must submit AV requests in the proposal by August 28th, 2012.

Questions or Concerns?  Contact us at


About outstandingutk

OUTstanding: A Seminar Exploring LGBTIQ Diversity is an annual, public and free seminar for all identities and backgrounds including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and queer (LGBTIQ) and ally-identified college students and community members. We are committed to providing a space for the celebration of LGBTIQ and multicultural visibility, intersectionality, and coalition building around diversity issues on our campus and community as well as campuses and communities nationwide.
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