Why OUTstanding?

Why OUTstanding?  Here’s a question:  Why not!?

As faculty, staff, and students of UT and Knoxville community members, we believe all people should be treated with respect, dignity, and equality.  In fact, policies and structures that support and show compassion for all sexual orientations, gender expressions and other identity factors ensures that everyone is treated equally and with respect.

Because everyone deserves love and support.  Because everyone’s campus experience should be totally awesome.  Because having a community of support is a human right.  Because hate is not a family value.  Because all of our complex and multifaceted identities should be celebrated.  Because it doesn’t just get better, we make it better.  Because it’s never too late.  Because the future is at stake.  Because there are strong forces out there that wish to demonize, discriminate, regulate, and perpetuate hate.  Because it’s not about mere tolerance, but about education, celebration, and our collective vision of the future.  Because we’re moving beyond tolerance and because it’s up to us.