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**Proposal deadline is Aug 30, 2013**

“Axes of Identity: Exploring Intersections of Diversity”
UT Knoxville’s 2013 OUTstanding Seminar Exploring LGBTIQ Diversity

Save the Date: Saturday, Oct 26, 8:30am – 6:30pm

Keynote by Robyn Ochs, author of Getting Bi: Voices of Bisexuals Around the World and of Bi Women.
Trans panel presented by Marisa Richmond of the TN Transgender Political Coalition.
Closing performance by spoken-word poet and author Stacyann Chin, co-writer and performer in the Tony Award winning Russell Simmons Def Poetry Jam.


OUTstanding was created in 2011 to explore the diversity within the LGBTIQ community for the University of Tennessee Knoxville and surrounding communities, and to educate and increase compassion within our university, the greater Knoxville community, and beyond.

The seminar is interdisciplinary.  Subjects for intersections may include age, race, ethnicity, colorism, language, dialect, nationality, geography, class and privilege, Appalachian and rural culture, sex/gender, women’s studies, men’s studies and masculinities, gender and transgender identities, gender expression and drag, sexuality, sexual orientations, conflicts within the LGBTIQ spectrum, communications and media, cultural studies, history, hybridity, religion and philosophy, law and public policy, rhetoric, social and economic justice, social science approaches, human development, education, medicine, health and wellness, abilities/disabilities, science and technology, theory, the university experience, and more.


Proposals from local and non-local, academic and non-academic presenters welcome. For more info, to view 2011 and 2012 presenters, or to download a proposal form:

Contact: Cat Miller